Thursday, July 17, 2008

~ Busy, Busy, Hurry .... Slow Down

Everyone I know is so very busy in the summer! I remember that sheepish thankfulness when the kids went back to school. Even though I don't have younger kiddos anymore, I'm looking for a slow down time anyway.

Some new art on Etsy, a couple of little treasures from the Madonna Collection. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that others have a love of them, too. They take a lot of time to make considering the size and even price, but I totally believe whatever you give comes back to you many times over. So these are a joy to make and I love knowing who has them in their homes.

The fridge had a couple of very tiny, hard to see scratches but it was one too many. So another one is coming this Sat. I hope that will be OK, since we have to move the other one to Sweet Daughter's and it is really no fun taking everything out of a fridge! Where did all that stuff come from? At least it will be all clean this time. I did that last Sat. And it isn't easy getting a big thing like this moved!

So still more busy, busy stuff, but we are going to do some vacation time next week. I'm trying not to do any work on the house. We've done that for too many years instead of getting away. Now to figure where to go where it isn't going to rain, within driving distance anyway.

Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. Rain? What is that? We are getting very little this summer, but at least more than last year. We are not in drought conditions, so far.

    Summers are not too bad for us, we prefer to do our vacationing in spring and fall, other than little weekend trips.

    I can't wait to hear where you end up going! ENJOY!!!


  2. Enjoy your vacation Donna. We're waiting until Fall and our anniversary for a little road trip.

    Guess where I just came from! Couldn't resist! Beautiful work!


  3. Beautiful!!!!
    Have a nice vacation!

  4. Wherever you end up for vacation, have a most wonderful. . . relaxing. . .time and enjoy yourself!!



  5. I know exactly what you mean about summers. We still have kids around and in the beginning of the season I imagine us slowing down but by the end I am breathing a sigh of relief to be able to relax again! Eek.

    Fun stuff going on around your house! :-) I had a dilemma with my new refrigerator when I remodeled. In order to get a full sized refrigerator, it had to be regular depth (counter depth was too small, and some fancy ones were too wide to fit). So we had to bump out a niche into the garage to make it counter depth and built in. The good news was that we could buy the standard large refrigerator and not spend the extra bucks on a fancy schmancy variety counter depth extra wide load type.
    Good luck with all your efforts and enjoy some R&R!


  6. Gorgeous creation!
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!
    Have a fabulous time away.
    Sandy ;)

  7. Hi, is there a matching lady bunny to go with Beau?
    I have some beautiful frames that it would look fun in.I know you have a kitten, but we are not fond of cats in this home.Thanks for all your inspiration

  8. Just catching up with your blog, Donna, Good luck with your new fridge. I think you've come up with a wonderful solution.

    I'm loving your new Etsy things. Pure eye candy.

  9. Enjoy your vacation Donna; I'll be going on vacation my self pretty soon... :)



  10. Hi Donna,

    Hope you have a great vacation. We spent some time in Newport, RI on ours, we had a great time.

    I have been taking time away from blogging; here in the NE we have precious few months of nice weather.

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  11. Such a lovely work! I love these iconic pieces you've been creating! Beautiful!!!

    Hope you have a restful vacation.

  12. These are absolutely gorgeous, I just popped over to your Etsy shop to have a look. Hope you are enjoying a nice summer. Karen


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