Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~ Halloween Decorating Countdown, White Pumpkins & More

2008 - The last couple of years I've started adding some white pumpkins to the mix of Halloween decorations.Years ago, there were only orange faux pumpkins and no white ones at all. Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart both seemed to start featuring them about the same time. This year, I was so sure I would swing all the way over to doing all of my Halloween decorating in just black and white. But it was not quite Halloween-ish enough after all. We just needed a  touch of orange. This is the only time of year that happens. Pumpkin colors, terracotta shades, yes, but not orange. Suddenly about the time the maple trees start showing off their fall colors, that little tiny once-a-year-orange desire hits. It makes Halloween more fun as well to embrace a color that I don't usually use.

I changed the bottom book underneath the small pumpkin that was posted before. First of all the book was dark and didn't show up as well on the black marble, and the one that is there now has so much more character and is very torn up! Perfect.

The larger white pumpkin wears a monogram transfer, which has the tiniest touch of orange around the medallion. You might need glasses on to see that though.
The pumpkins are not actually "white" but more of a cream color. This color does actually occur in nature so they don't look quite so fake.

The spiders continue to have quite a party on the entry table, and one of them seems to think she can snatch that silver crown from the pumpkin. But on the other side of the table, a nice size raven is watching him. Stay tuned for more.

See ya' soon!


  1. I'm loving those white pumpkins, too. Don't know if I'll get around to decorating for this year, but if I do, I'll try to use at least one white pumpkin -- somwhere!

  2. Donna, that looks great! Love your white pumpkins with just a bit of green showing. You know I don't get into Halloween decorating at all, but this year had to try some white pumpkins too.

  3. Your pumpkins are so pretty! Where did you find that fabulous monogram transfer?


  4. Donna, it looks wonderful, as usual. I started becoming interested in the white pumpkins several years ago, when our favorite pumpkin patch Eagle Fork Farms offered them. I don't have real ones, this year but I do have a few faux. Which is okay, because the real ones tend to go squishy fairly quickly. We have three medium sized real orange pumpkins on the front porch, though.

  5. Ok, Can you say G O R G E O U S?!

  6. I love the monogram on the white pumpkin. How did you do that?


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