Monday, November 24, 2008

~ ThanksGiving, Giving Thanks Monday

If you've known me a long time, and some of you really have, you will have seen this picture before. That's because I haven't stopped long enough yet to even think about a little decorating for Thanksgiving. This may be the same items I put there anyway. It's my favorite pumpkin and I love decorating with it this time of year.

But my mind has been filled with Giving Thanks. I spent all of the weekend trying to be with both Sweet Hubby and Sweetie Girl, and they had different interests. There was necessary shopping trips, watching movies, eating yummy food and a lot of my favorite things. As a special treat, Sweetie Girl took me to the Festival of Trees. It was an extension of my "birthday week." You do know that you should celebrate it for at least a week! She whines a little about the festival being boring or the same ol' thing, but she knows how much I love going. I really think she loves it, too. I've been taking her there since she was so little that her daddy had to pick her up to see all the gingerbread houses. Now at 5' 8" I guess she could pick me up if I needed it. As usual it was so beautiful, and it really helps get me the Holiday mood. This year it has been cooler though which also helps a lot.

I'll share some pictures after I get them downloaded from the camera. Hopefully some came out because I haven't even looked.

It looks like the opening of the Lollishops site is going to be pretty close to the projected time of Nov 28th. I'll keep you posted. Everyone is working very hard on it to make it happen.

Happy Monday, Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. Happy ThanksGiving Donna,
    Yes, I've seen that display before, but I never tire of your beautiful decor. Check out my blog when you get a chance, you have really inspired me.

  2. I am so happy you went to the festival. I can't wait to see the photos!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Donna!

  3. I'll look for festival pics too. Happy Thanksgiving, Donna. Even if that's an old pic, it's still a goodie!


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