Friday, December 5, 2008

~ Soon Christmas Will Be Here ..... Gingerbread House

Sweet Daughter called from work yesterday to tell me that Christmas would soon be here. Just a couple of weeks. Did I have a tree? When will I get one? Funny girl.
Of course I believed her that I only had "two weeks" if a couple of weeks was correct.
She was fudging on the days to get me in gear.

For years I started Christmas decorating about 2 weeks before Christmas. And tossed the tree almost the day after Christmas Day. When Sweetie Girl went away to college, she wanted to see the decorations as soon as she came home from school. So I began starting earlier. Then of course there was all the decorating going with my on line friends. And that would really get us in the mood as we got to see what each other was doing that year. Now I even leave everything out until almost New Year's.

I still have a bit more than a couple of weeks to go so I think it will be OK. We will go get the tree this weekend. Only Sweetie Hubby will go with me. He is patient as I look at one more tree to find the perfect one. I can tell when he has held the last tree without saying anything about me being so selective. I'm sure he enjoys himself!

The gingerbread village was so aromatic and beautiful at the festival. Isn't that house fabulous. The chefs and companies try to do out do each other. (That one is a faux gingerbread one though.) It took me forever to figure out where I put the pictures from the festival on the computer. I'll get them resized and start putting them up for you all to see next week.

After all.....soon Christmas will be here!

See ya' soon!


  1. Your daughter reminds me of my son who is away at school...he looks forward to coming home for the holidays and walking into "wonderland". So I think tomorrow will be tree day for us as well and maybe that will get me in gear for everything else.

    That gingerbread house is amazing!

  2. Wow..that is a gingerbread house!
    -sandy toes

  3. I can't even imagine how beautiful your holiday decor must be!

    Looking forward to the festival pics.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, Donna, only my tree is up -- no decorations yet. I know your tree will be gorgeous when it's done.

  5. Hey, Donna, thanks for coming by to see some Christmas at my house. Love that house you have there, so cute. And glad you got a chuckle out of those videos, I'm sure you would after knowing me online for SO long now. It was worth it to get that giftcard, LOL!

  6. And a gorgeous tree, it will be!

    Can't wait to see your tree and Christmas home, Donna. It's always fabulous.

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful gingerbread house. When our family lived in Hong Kong the ex-pat village where we lived had life-size gingerbread houses with chefs inside with tall chef hats selling Christmas goodies. We loved watching them build these was magical. Thank you for triggering lovely memories.

    I am sure that your tree would look incredible, even if you put it up Christmas morning.

  8. What a fabulous Gingerbread house! I think it would be just so wonderful to have a live tree and a white Christmas! Not likely to ever happen where I'm from, but I can dream about it by looking at gorgeous blogs like yours! Wishing you and your family a truly magical Christmas season!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  9. Oh wow that gingerbread Christmas house is amazing, I actualy wish my house looked liked that!.
    I started making gingerbread biscuits for christmas last year after I moved out of my parents house, as the always remind me of home:)


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