Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~ Those Cute Shabby Potting . Cabinets . Hutches

Kirk's wonderful potting bench sent me searching for the pictures I took while at a large antique fair that used mostly "junk" to make these fun potting benches. So here's a little repeat from a couple of years ago that is worth seeing again for anyone who missed them, or someone looking for more inspiration of flea market and little junk finds to make into a new treasure.

These made me regret that we did so much de-cluttering and didn't save more scraps of molding that we had left over. It always seems to happen like that doesn't it?

There were a few emails and questions about those wonderful junk to treasure potting, hutch, cabinet, bench or thingies. The previous photos did not enlarge, this time if you click on them, you can see more details.

Wouldn't this be a great project if you were tearing down and old fence? You could use some it for the backs or sides. We have some lattice pieces that we saved, and I think that would look so nice as well. You could use an old dresser or kitchen cabinet for the bottom or some of the top, too.

Love the use of the posts on this one. I don't have any of those just hanging around, but you can buy newer ones at Home Depot or Lowe's, and make them look old.

And that scalloped molding is fabulous! Expensive to buy anything like that new, so it's worth the hunt to find a few pieces.

See ya' soon!


  1. How adorable! That is just my style! You find the most wonderful things!


  2. I love this potting bench- what a great idea to use old fencing and I have some of those old spools around too!!


  3. I love potting benches! Mine has a sink in it! The back is an old window with some chicken wire where the glass is missing.

  4. I love that bench! I'll have to figure out how to makeover the one I have - it's literally falling apart!


  5. Definitely worth the hut, buying something like that new is very costly, but aside from that it is so thrilling to create something like this yourself!

    Pandora from home and decor

  6. Those are Just Darling.. Love them..
    The scalloped edges are too cute..
    Love your Blog-Very Inspiring..


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