Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~ Bee Design On Dining Room Chairs

I promised to come back and show how the bee design was created on the back of the dining room chairs. The dining room has changed since this, but I kept the fabric from the back of the end chairs in case it could be used for something else.

If the fabric is flat you could do this in a few different ways. But this is upholstery weight and has texture to it.

After you find a design that you want to use and have it on your computer, you can print it on iron-on transfer paper. Then using small scissors, cut around the design.

As you can see I did not cut out all the white areas inside the design. There was enough white in the fabric to make it work anyway. Of course it didn't show the white as much as in the picture which is enlarged for you to see the details. It also is a delicate design and would be much more difficult to work with if I had cut out all the inside parts.

Lay it out, and iron it on. That easy!

See Y'all Soon!


  1. Very pretty design, Donna! Did you ever wind up using it for something else? I think it would make a beautiful pillow front.

  2. Clever!!! I like bees on things - they're so productive and sweet...unless you mess with their hive. :P

  3. I LOVE this and NEED this for my dining room. Bees are one of my favorites :)


  4. Morning! I discovered this fabric transfer paper in Walmart a few months ago and tried it! Love it too but didn't think about cutting the design! Must try it now. I made mine into a small doorknob pillow and think this design would look fantastic as a small pillow!! Love the french bumblebee design anyway so you just can't go wrong with whatever you do with it!! Very pretty! Thanks for sharing - Sincerely, Jeannette

  5. Wow great pics, post and blog! High end quality all the way! Good job!

  6. I've seen the paper but never tried it. Everything you do always looks so high end and yet it's fairly easy to do. I have some Parsons chair slips that I could do this to. Thanks for the idea!


  7. Oh...I just love this...absolutely darling!!!

    I have been peeking around your site this evening and I love it...can't wait to return!!!


  8. Hi,
    That is so cool!!
    Just catching up as I just got back from a vacation yesterday.
    Happy Halloween,

  9. So clever, so creative, so classy..

    SO YOU.



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