Friday, February 19, 2010


Does an open door showing stacks of stuff drive you crazy?
Me, too.

Lately I have had more than a few stacks of papers waiting for attention. But I spent the last week finishing up the tax returns for us, and Sweet Daughter. I remember trying to figure out all the new tax laws and hoping to get everything right even with a small business long before computers and tax return programs. Sometimes progress is a very good thing. I've had plans for our refund months and months ago. I bet most people do as well.

Hopefully now I can get some de-cluttering going on around this little house. But you know what? If I had a beautiful old library cabinet with books from the 1800's spilling out of the shelves, I would have a hard time "cleaning it up." Maybe I would just stack the books a little bit so they were not falling out ..... and I might shut the doors. But after I admire the beauty.

Have a Great Weekend!
See Y'all Soon~


  1. We go to our accountant Monday evening. I have everything sorted, just have to fill in a sheet I put together for my business' expenses and such. I will be glad to get THAT paperwork out of the way!

  2. Haven't started on ours yet, but as we usually pay, I don't get in a hurry!

    REFUND???? What's that? LOL


  3. I love that image, Donna!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Hi Donna,
    What a beautiful photograph, truly!!

    I'm glad you are getting your taxes done and out of the way!!
    Hug to you!


  5. Gorgeous photo. We made the "mistake" of putting glass doors in our kitchen cabinets..which is just not attractive with kid plastic dishes stacked high.

    Good job on your taxes!

  6. I love this photo! What I would do to have a cabinet like this but alas my cozy cottage is just too small! Thank you for your sweet comment to my note to Lisa! Gosh, I can't even imagine how The Whimsical Bohemian does it! But she does and ever so gracefully orchestrate a beautiful event! I loved my first year with One World One Heart. For me it was really, just about connecting with blissful bloggers. Being a winner was nice too, but I really loved the ride through everyone's blog. I love yours! Really I do. And you prints...too die for! I want to try this year to work on more imagery...kind of like yours. Maybe by next year's One World One Heart I will have something wonderful to show! Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Eden

  7. I love this picture---it's gorgeous!

  8. That cabinet has sooo much character though, I would leave it like that.


  9. Oooooh...I have a hard time calling that clutter. I call it beautiful! How is it up in your neck of the woods? Busy busy here. Off to Ft. Myers.

  10. What!? You are already finished with your taxes...I'm envious! It's always such a "process" with small businesses.

    Happy week to you Donna.


  11. I have tons of stacks in my office at the moment...and dying to get rid of them...ignoring doesn`t help...

  12. Lucky girl a REFUND !!! We wait until April 15 as close to midnight as possible....don't want to give Uncle Sam our greenbacks until we absolutely have to LOL

    Have a great week,
    Kathy :)

  13. my "stacks" are driving me crazy... handing off alot of it to my accountant today ... what a relief that will be... happy to have discovered your blog... have a wonderful day. xx


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