Friday, March 5, 2010

~ Is It Spring Yet?

How about you? Longing for Spring?

This year I think I've been longing for Spring quite a bit more than usual. I just don't do well with cold weather. We don't expect, nor deserve, sympathy from those of you who have really had cold weather. I try to keep in mind that when we have days on end with temperatures near 100*, I'll be longing for these cool mornings. It is said that we just have thinner blood way down here. I'm not sure that is true literally, but it sure seems true when you see us all bundled up like it is snowing outside. And it wasn't even quite freezing last night.

To warm us up a bit, I'm looking through pictures of Epcot Flower Festival which I have saved from another year. Their hanging baskets are always stunning! This one, pink geraniums with deep blue lobelia, and some bacopa draping white over the edges. Name escapes me at the moment.

I'll post some pictures next week for you to enjoy after I find them and resize. Hope you have a great weekend.

See Y'all Soon~


  1. Beautiful, Donna! I always like looking at pictures of this type of thing for inspiration for my own backyard pots. I tend to like planting in pots a lot more these days! I know the white flower you are talking about; I'm even sure I've bought it myself, but like you, the name escapes me. You know I'll see it at the nursery this year, and think of you and this post!

  2. Those flowers are fabulous. I need to get outside for some gardening and this helps motivate a little. Thanks.

  3. Happy weekend, Donna.
    Thank you for dropping by. You brighten my day.
    Things are turning into Spring here for the first time today~ mini Violets, Daffodils and Quince blossoms were discovered. The fierceness of the heat to come, makes me unhappy, so I revel in the coldness now. A friend analyzed my thoughts, recently. She said that our genetics play a role in whether we prefer hot or cold. Me? I feel it is about the weather one grows up in AND what ever a person has had TOO much of, they like the opposite.

    Happy Weekend friend~

  4. Donna,
    I love looking at all your pictures. I so miss flowers outside. Its been so cold and dreary in Boston. Thanks for cheering me up!

  5. The flowers are gorgeous. I am so looking forward to Spring as it has been a cold winter in SW France this year.


  6. ... here too ...
    waiting ...
    waiting ...

    yesterday it was 54 ... yeehaw

  7. Beautiful hanging basket and what a great photo of it!
    God Bless


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