Thursday, July 18, 2013

~ How to Make a Pottery Barn Style Monogram Pillow, DIY

This is where I used one of the last flowers I showed you how to make. It adds a lovely touch to the Pottery Barn style pillow. How to make the fabric flowers can be found here and here and here and here.

The pillow here is a simple envelope closure style pillow cover. I have written a tutorial on it here

1. Choose a simple flat weave fabric like a cotton or linen for this project. My pillow is made with a    medium weight cotton. You can use a linen or cotton or blend or any plain fabric you like.

2. Find a font that you think would look good as your monogram, but also one that will be easy to cut out.  Play with the size of the capitalized letter to see who large you need for your pillow or project. Just print it out in draft mode to save ink, cut it out and see how the size works for you. 

3. Print out your letter on plain paper. Then cut the letter out exactly how you want the monogram to look on the pillow. 

4. Lay the cut out letter on top of a piece of felt. If using white felt as I did here, use a pencil and lightly trace around the letter remembering the inside parts as well that need to be cut out. 
If you are using a dark felt, you can just a piece of chalk to trace the letter. 

If you use felt, there is no need to hem or fix the edges. When using a different fabric you will need to hem it, or use a no fray liquid on it.

5. Attach the letter/monogram to your pillow with fabric glue or by lightly sewing it on.

Then if you wish, you can either embellish at little like adding the fabric flower or just leaving it with the monogram alone. 

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Very pretty, Donna, and your fabric flowers look great on it!

  2. Soooo pretty! I love monograms and this is so neat. What type of program did you use?


  3. What a gorgeous pillow. Love the soft colors, and the monogram too.

  4. That pillow is adorable! I hope it is alright if I pin it--you inspire me!

  5. It is fine to pin, thank you for asking Sandy.

    You can use your word processing program to print out the letter if you don't have a photoshop one. I used Photoshop elements 9 but of course it is simple to do in any photoshop program.

    Just make the letter the size you need and print it out!

  6. I love this.. thank you so much for sharing your technique.. This is exactly what I need for my new bedding..


  7. You did such a nice job. It turned out adorable. Thanks for sharing

  8. Great tutorial, it turned out great. I like if very much.


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