Sunday, July 8, 2012

~ Summer ~ Blues, Shells & a Copper Ex-Voto

As the temperatures climb this time of year whites and blues look so inviting. Needing  a little change sent me looking for things collected over the years to do a little summer decorating. I think the vintage, flea market, blue bottles could make a comeback to the living room area. Maybe in the entry table this time. 

I love this copper and turquoise ex voto - heart more now than when I first bought it. Although a newer piece,
it does have a hint of the beauty of aged copper in its antiqued finish. 

I had been on the search for a few beautiful sea urchin shells and sweet daughter found these in the ocean on one of her vacations and brought it home to me without me ever mentioning that I wanted one. A little gift which was a big surprise and much loved. 

Even though this is a typical way of summer decorating, bringing in shells and lots of blues & whites, it is not necessarily so for me so it will be a nice change. Oh how the ocean waters call out to us this time of year.

See Y'all Soon~
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  1. What a beautiful post, Donna. Isn't it wonderful when our kids "get us" with no prompting on our part. Those sea urchins are just so special...and the whole vignette looks great- xo Diana

  2. Beautiful vignette! Love the blues, urchins and copper.

  3. Love those blue bottles! They look so pretty with the shells.

  4. Oh I LOVE your copper heart! Do tell where you found it.

  5. I love the heart, Donna! It is definitely cooling to look at. I think we are all going through this freak heat wave. I wish it would break already ~ I'm tired of hearing "we'll hit triple digits today"! Keep cool! : )

  6. The heart ex-voto was purchased a couple of years ago from American Harvest online. But I don't see any on their site anymore.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies... keep cool!

  7. what gorgeous colors, the copper and the blue are perfect together! I think we're all lovin' the wonderful texture and colors of shells. What a sweet unexpected gift from your daughter!


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