Friday, July 13, 2012

~ Summer Decorating ~ Bringing the Ocean Home With Shells

Even though I have lived most of my life near the ocean, I've confessed before that shells have not often been a part of my decorating. Growing up here between the ocean and the gulf, I saw that people from the northern states who moved here mostly for retirement and lil' ol' ladies often had an abundance of shells or worse "shell crafts" in their homes. Sorry to say, that
made shells less appealing to me for decorating.

But when we went to the beach we spent hours walking and picking up as many shells as we could carry in our beach buckets.  Always bringing a handful or two home with us. I have no idea what became of them after we got home. Hopefully they are still in the sand of a backyard somewhere.

Now as time as past, every once in a while when I'd like a reminder of my love for the water, I bring out some beautiful shells to enjoy for the summer, some old and some newer. The ones that I actually collected myself are all shades of gray, whites and beige that Sweet Hubby I found while walking for hours on a lovely beach vacation. I was collecting the colors for a bedroom redo. Which still hasn't been done. But I have the shells to remind me.

Happy Summer
See Y'all Soon~

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  1. Shells that we've collected are a perfect memento from those special times. Love how you've used them with the candle in that wonderful piece. so pretty!!

  2. My, you have created a very lovely and elegant arrangement. It's delightful. Connie :)

  3. Simply lovely and it is true you can go over board with shells.

  4. Donna,
    Being a "land locked" Midwesterner, I don't get excited about shells in my home decor; however your subtle exquisite vignette certainly entices me, dear friend! So~o~o cool and tranquil!

  5. Oh-It is all just lovely, Donna. So very pretty. I have a nautical and shell theme downstairs and I absolutely love it- xo Diana

  6. Your shells are so beautiful.....I hope to make it to the ocean some day to pick up my own shells....

  7. I love the shells with the candles!!! Looks so great!! Perfect for summer!!

  8. Your shell arrangement is simple & beautiful! I love a little touch of the sea too! Monica

  9. I just tried to leave you a comment but it would work.
    Just doing a test.


  10. Thank you ladies for stopping by!
    Constance, comment moderation was on, so your note didn't show up right away. But I am happy to "see" you :)

  11. I lovethe seashells I have been a seashell lover I got some in a baggie I have been meaning to do somehting with but haven't yet that I got when I lived near the beach 2 summers ago I am doign my entryway in light blue and white sailboats and a nautical theme I htink I am going to put some in a large vase and think I will copy you with your sheels and candles love it thank you

  12. Thank You Csilla.
    I appreciated your note.


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