Monday, October 22, 2012

~ Halloween Decorating. Black & White, A Little More

 The only room that really gets any Halloween decorating is the living room area. A while back I thought I would stop decorating inside or outside, except maybe a Jack O Lantern. Our own daughter is grown, and there seems to be fewer kids coming out for trick or treat now. Then a couple years ago, when I opened the door for a few kids trick or treating, a little girl about 3 just came running right in the door. She stopped and looked around and smiled. Her mom was trying to catch her, but this little one was quick. It wasn't that I had done anything especially great. She just appreciated even the little things.  She reminded me of that special wonder that children have and that we often lose along the way. Doing even a small amount of decorating for Halloween keeps us in the spirit of Fall and the upcoming holidays.

The pillows with the black and white stripe trim were a part of the decor around here for several years. They have changed slightly as my color choices have changed.  Even though this is a very common toile, I happen to love toiles and this one is just fine with me. When I first made these I was mimicking some quite expensive pillows I had seen and the outside toile area was golden yellow. I  used fabric medium and paint on my fabric to get the same look that I had seen, and the gold was part of my colors. Since then that area has been painted a greige color. For  a while they have been in the closet because I was not using any black. This year I remembered I still had them and they were just what I needed to dress the sofa a bit differently and complement the Halloween decor which is black, white & silver.

I also kept the black and white transferware pieces from years ago and used one of the covered vases on the side table. These pieces look great with the seasonal decor as well. Funny how if you have things put away for awhile, sometimes they look fresh and new again. But not always... I know. There are many more things that went out the door in the last few years that are not missed at all.

Lots of us love white pumpkins. Here is another one I painted sitting on a harlequin plate along with some very old books from the mid 1800's, a quartz crystal sphere, a skeleton key and a spider just for the fun of it. The book was destined to be a book of spells, and still might get some more work next year. Since I love old and rustic books, it is perfect for the holiday.

See Y'All Soon~
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  1. I love your sitting area, and those pumpkins are so pretty. I happen to love the vintage look they offer. I'm loving your blog it's beautiful, think I'll take a look around:)

  2. Although subtle your Halloween decor is lovely. We have a lot of kids come by on Halloween night and my 11 year old would not be happy if I didn't go all out. I am very busy and it takes me awhile to get our house ready these days but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.
    Love the white pumpkins.

  3. I do remember my youngest running into a house on his first night to trick or treat 14 years ago. So wish I had your white pumpkins. I will need to look for those next year or do a DIY.

  4. What a sweet story.: ) Thank you for reminding us to keep that child-like sense of wonder about us.


  5. Donna,
    Your home is lovely, dear friend!!! I'll be back again, soon...still trying to catch up with all my friend's post!

  6. It's been a LONG time since I've been back to your blog Donna! Everything is beautiful! I'm so glad you are still here! Do you still do virtual designing? I need you!

    Lisa in Minnesota
    P.S. My beautiful dining room you helped create is still the same and even with everything transitioning around me to the neutral greige palette, I love my caramel!

  7. I love the key with the spider and web. :-)

    We don't have children, and we haven't had trick-or-treaters for years (we're too rural), but we still love Halloween. I decorate the house for us, and we have fun with it.


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