Monday, November 12, 2018

Fall to Christmas Handmade Decorations - DIY Magnolia Leaf Candle

How to Create a Magnolia Wrapped Candle by The Decorated House : Fall - Christmas Decorationss
How to Make a Charming Magnolia Leaf Wrapped Candle:

Very soon the season of  hurry and scurry will be upon us. When it gets a little too wild this time of year it might actually be relaxing to make something pretty for Fall or Christmas - Winter time yourself, with your own two little hands. All you need is a candle, some leaves 
and a lovely ribbon. This lovely and simple candle will be warm and pretty in your home for 
months to come. You can change the ribbon with the holiday and still
keep the beautiful color of the leaves. If you used preserved leaves
it will last for a very long time.

Here is how to create this very simple, but really pretty decoration.
* Start with a larger, chunky size candle, although you could so something similar with two matching  smaller candles, or just one if you wished.

* Find leaves in Nature that are strong, pretty, and clean. Of course you an purchased preserved leaves as well.  I chose magnolia leaves for the beautiful colors.

*  Put a rubber band around the candle.

*  Arrange your leaves inside the rubber band so it will hold them in place as you want them.
You can see with the magnolia leaves you have two colors, so you can alternate them for the look above.

*  Tie a pretty ribbon around the rubber band to hide it. Then if you want you can add a charm, another decoration for Fall, Winter or Christmas. Something simple, you don't need much of anything.

You can use your candle as part of arrangements on a mantel, table or anywhere you might think of!

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Oh, Donna, this would work wonderfully with my decor this year! I'm using magnolia branches and fleur de lis ornaments. I may have to take a few of the leaves and try this!

  2. Very, very pretty. The tiny key was the perfect finishing touch. TFS


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