Monday, December 10, 2012

~ Christmas 2012 Mystic Nest - Inspired by Anthropologie Mythic Nest

This is my newest fantasy Christmas nest creation. I made some changes, although it is very similar to last year's that you can see here: 2011 Mystic - Mythic Nest.  Last year I called the Anthroplogie nest "mystic" instead of "mythic" as it was called on their site. So I went back and changed  the original post to the "correct" title. But the more I thought about it, I liked the idea of mystic as a better description for mine.  So that is what mine will be called. This is such an easy
and simple thing to make. You can keep it out throughout Wintertime because it fits the whole season very well. It's not just for Christmas. It is a little tough to store it with all the fun things sticking out from the base, but it is easy to take them off and just keep them together for quick assembly next year.

The last couple of years, I have used natural bleached bottle brush trees and wreaths. In the next post I'll show you the before and after of the trees bleached. 

The base of the nest is a simple natural, cream bottle brush wreath. That is the most expensive part of making this decoration. Last year I was lucky enough to find a couple after the big sales started and they were much cheaper than the first one I bought. 

I wanted more of the wreath to show this year because I was using  more of the natural cream colored bottle brush decorations. There is some pretty silver fluffy yarn type stuff wrapped in small strips around the base on the diagonal all the way around. I left large enough space in between so you could still see the wreath.  The sliver fluffy stuff  came from the yarn section and they really have pretty things to choose from for a project like this. 

In the center of the wreath I added a round piece of  silver poster board  the height of the wreath, and this allowed room to add the greens and other decorations. Everything else is either stuck in the wreath or glued to it.

* Anthropologie also called this a crown - nest tree topper. Which of course you could use it as a tree topper by not using a candle and putting it on top of the tree! It would be pretty for a natural theme tree maybe with less glittery and more found sticks and things.

The bottle brush wreaths came from Joann's last year, 2011. I am not sure if the had them again this year. But you can also find them online. You could use a straw wreath, too. Since they are not as pretty, you might want to really cover them up with something that you like better.

Happiest of Holidays!

See Y'All Soon~
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  1. Donna- I am SOOOOO going to copy you and take all the credit for myself (at least to my family....) Not really- I will copy it and then HAVE to tell them that someone smarter than I copied a copy first. lol

    If I DO one I will link back to your blog as my inspiration. I just love it!!! xo Diana

  2. Ms. Diana I will be very happy for you to make your own! I know it will be a beauty.

  3. So beautiful! I love decorations that can be used throughout the season.

  4. Fantastyczna dekoracja.
    Bardzo świąteczna.
    Pozdrawiam Lacrima

  5. I remember when Anthropologie featured there center pieces, magical what you have created with what inspired you :)
    Thank you Donna for gracing your beauty over at my place inspiring a peaceful calm with a simple branch to love.

    I am looking forward to more visits.

  6. That is just beautiful, Donna! Mystic is a good way to describe it. I love all the embellishments you've added. It reminds me of a crown, too.

  7. It was so nice to read each of your comments. Thanks for stopping by sweet ladies.

  8. Love it! Looks very mystical so I believe that name fits perfectly.


  9. Donna this is sooo gorgeous! I like Mystic too.

  10. Love it!!! breath taking and just plain beautiful!

  11. You did an awesome job Donna. I it is so pretty. Glad you joined the knock off party to share.

  12. Your centerpiece is beautiful! I love it and it truly is mystical.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. I am making one of these this year. I saw your blog post from last year, too. Here's to great knockoffs!
    Happy Holidays,


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