Wednesday, February 13, 2013

~ Valentine's Mantel 2013 - The Decorated House

Pink and gray with a touch of red and shiny silver and Mercury glass are the decorating colors for Valentine's Day here this year. The beautiful bougainvillea is blooming right now and it was tempting to bring it in for the mantel like last year.  But it sheds quite a bit and doesn't really last that long. So instead a simple hand made paper flower is in an antique glass bottle until

some other flowers arrive closer to Valentine's Day.

I also decided to use the same frame as I did for Valentine's last year.  I gave instructions then how to do this antique glaze with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  If  you would like to see  how it was done, you can find it HERE.  You might notice a slight difference in the look of the frame this year. I added a metallic gray paint to the strip that goes between to the more ornate areas. I needed a more metallic silver gray and I really like how this paint looks with the chalk paint on the same piece. 

Pretty silver candlesticks are anchoring each end of the mantel and the white paper covered antique books stayed from the last holiday. This time they have "bookmarks" made of pink ribbon and small Mercury glass hearts.

For the heart decoration, I adjusted some art in the shape of a heart on the computer, printed it on paper white paper, and then cut it out the heart shape.  Then using a stick of glue, attached a ruffle I made using a pieces cut from an unbleached coffee filter since it was the perfect vintagey color and texture. Someday one piece of art might stay in this frame for a little while, but right now I love changing it out to go with a new holiday or season. 

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  1. Hi Donna:
    I love your mantel! I read your post/tutorial about your frame but have a question. Do you make your "umber glaze" or buy it already pre-made? Maybe you said this in your post but I may have missed it.
    Your blog is wonderful BTW>

  2. Coffee filters!! now that I can do you come up with the best ideas. I love the heart art.

  3. Donna,
    Coffee filter ruffles!!!
    I love working with paper...this I will definitely give a try!!!
    What intriqued me the most are those smaller mercury glass or silver hearts in your photo!
    A very romantic mantle, dear friend!!!
    From my heart~to~yours...Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  4. Love it Donna ❤

    Have a great Valentine's Day

    Kathy. :)

  5. I make my own umber glaze using raw umber paint from the paint tube or sometimes the kind of paint that comes in the craft bottle size. You can use water to thin it but it does dry more quickly than if you use a glaze medium.
    You can find the glazing medium in small bottles in the paint section at the art - craft stores, or you can use it from the quart or gallon size that you can find in the paint store, or paint area at Lowes and Home Depot.


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