Friday, December 19, 2014

~ Christmas - Counting the Days

The Decorated House : Christmas White with Black and Lime Green Accents

It becomes a bit of a countdown this time of year, finding the last gifts, wrapping presents, planning meals or trips. Maybe you research charities for a lovely end of the year gift where it is needed.
Whenever I see lots of presents all wrapped up, it makes me think of what a great time of the year it is to remember some of the best charities who depend on us to help them do their work. 

Please consider checking Charity Navigator to see how a particular charity spends the money that is donated. You can check to see how the CEO of the organization is paid and if they are paying a good portion of the donations to professional fundraiser companies. Both are red flags that may make you give you money to a more worthy charity.  Sometimes it might surprise you to see exactly where your money goes. Just because a group calls themselves a charity doesn't mean that they really are doing much charity work at all.

Most people who do the research will also tell you to look in your own home town, maybe first. The cancer centers, or centers for women and children in your area may have more need than the ones you see on TV all the time and may well make better use of your money and gifts. There are homeless shelters, pet rescue groups, charities that take care of those in need everyday, right where we live.

The Decorated House : Christmas Mantel : White with Mercury Glass and Silver

I still had a couple of details shots of the mantel to share with you. You know the Mercury glass crown is an old favorite of mine. I will let you all know if I ever see any again.

I am really enjoying the old antiqued gold frame again this year. Funny how you get tired of something and then sometime later it appeals to you again. Unfortunately, that makes me think what a good idea it is to save things! Which of course can make you into a  pack-rat. I'm working on that.

~ See Y'All Soon ~


  1. Donna,
    LOVE your green ribbon on the black & white gift wrap, dear friend!!!
    This is one of my favorite home decor color schemes for tablescaping!!!
    Our giving this year will be included for the addition to our Church new Youth and Children's Center.
    Have yourself, a Merry Little Christmas!!!

  2. Hello Pat,
    Some of my favorites colors too! What a wonderful gift for the Holidays.
    I hope you Holiday Season is going great!


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