Monday, September 29, 2008

~ Halloween GiveAway #2

In years past, a dead car battery could send this little household into a tizzy. But today, it's all OK.

Darling Daughter took her car in for service on Saturday and used her Daddy's truck for the night. She called to tell me that she really thought the battery sounded weak. I told the Daddy, but... well you guessed it.

This morning the battery was a goner. But I remembered that our insurance policy had a little add on for just such a thing. So I'm waiting for a battery jump so I can take Sweet Hubby's little truck for some new starting power.

Don't you wish you could just go plug yourself in some days and get some new energy to run on!? At least the cooler weather does give many of us a little boost.

So all the time I have for a new post is to do a little
I think this print is so cute and fun. Just celebrating a little good magic in all of us, especially if you love vintage.

and I'll pick a name next TUES OCT 7th.

(I might be out of town that day, but
I'll announce the winner as soon as I return.)

See ya' soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

~ Fall Decorating, Last Day Nie Nie Benefit Sale

Oh I love this! Funny, it's mine. I don't quite remember this arrangement. But I love that big gourd. Now where is it? This is from 2006 and the previous fall photo with the large floral (thanks for the compliments on it) is from 2005. What fun finding older photos and seeing what you did before. Last year I used more of the white pumpkins, but I haven't found all of them yet either. But now that I look at the picture, half of those small gourds were real! That does remind me of the beautiful bag of real ones I found last year. So those are gone for sure. But I hope I have a photo somewhere. I'd like to do that again.

(UPDATE on Benefit Sale: All Sold!
What big hearts people have.

Thank YOU to all who participated!)

Last day of the Nie Nie Benefit Sale on Etsy. So amazing at the kindness and generosity of everyone. 1 pm EST.

Two Beau Bunny Prints will be up for sale there today. Since I will be mailing these out, be sure to let me know if you purchase one so I can send you a little surprise. But the sweet ladies who purchased from my shop after the benefit ones sold, I sent you something, too.

See ya' soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~ Nie Nie Benefit Sale!! Tues - Friday, Sept 22 - 26

UPDATE: Wednesday
SEE >> Morgan's Blog for updates.
Click below.

Thurs, Friday.. at 1 pm
Morgan says she still has more fabulous things!
Click on the box/picture below for updates at Morgan's Blog.

If you missed getting a Beau Bunny Print
and would still like to purchase one
as part of the Benefit Sale,
I have donated 2 more
and they will be for sale!

The Nie Nie Benefit Sale at Etsy
starts TODAY, 1 pm EST, 10 am PST
Click on the box/picture above to go to
Morgan Moore's Blog
for details and FAQ's.


This is a SALE, no bids. You like it, you buy it.
Quick and Easy.

See ya' tomorrow for the winner of the Beau Bunny Bandito Print.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~ Halloween Chandelier

A new art print in the shop for Halloween. Isn't if fun? I love mixing things which interest me the most for decorating everyday with a holiday. Chandeliers and Halloween seemed like a great combination.

I'm watching the guys putting the roof on and waiting for the landscape guy who put the French drain in to come by for $$. It's great to get these things done but not relaxing fun. Although it all needs to be done, it's always a bit of a surprise writing the checks. Deep breath in!

Watching the weather channel during hurricane season is a way of life. Even when you stop holding your breath in hopes that the next one will miss you, you still watch hoping and praying for where it is headed. What a season! Hope you are all doing OK and none of the storms have caused any real damage to any of you.

I'll be back when the dust settles a little bit. See ya' soon!