Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~ Home Office with Black Cabinet Built-Ins & Desk

A home office can be simply a tiny corner set aside for paying bills or copying recipes, or it an be a major design element including an entire room.

Recently Sweet Daughter purchased a large white desk so that she could create her much needed home office in an alcove of her den/family room. Since she knew this was what she wanted for sometime, I was busy looking for ideas of combining bookcases with desks to show her.

The picture above (photo by The Decorated House) of a  home office is from a showhouse a couple of years ago. Aren't those cabinets beautiful? Painted black with wire inset in the doors, this is storage with style. My daughter chose white instead of wood or black to keep the room lighter since gets less light than the rest of the house. She does not have enough room for full double door bookcases like the ones here, so we have been hunting for ones that are less than 20 inches since her desk is a large 63 inches. It had to be that size because she wanted a built-in file cabinet drawer. She did not think she wanted any doors, but with have Cody Bear in the house and therefore doggie hair, I'm tying to convince her to have at least the bottom half with a door and then leave the top for books and display. It has taken quite a while to find the right desk at a good price.

My own art room - studio has been in-the-making for such a long time, I wonder if it will ever be "done" and cleaned up as well as truly organized. Older homes usually have such deficient closet space and that certainly contributes to the problem of not enough storage when you are artists or someone who loves to create things.

Some of the pictures I have found online of  Home Offices & Studios  are here on Pinterest. There are so great ideas even though I need more inspiration and energy to get it done!

See Y'All Soon~

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