Friday, October 31, 2008

~ Happy Halloween!

Wishing all those who travel by
a Happy Halloween, with lots of Treats!

See Y'all Soon~

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~ A Wee Bit More Halloween Decorating, the Missing Jack O'Lantern, Pumpkin

This time of year is so much fun that you can feel the excitement in the air. All the little (and big!) kids waiting as patiently as possible for that big day. Chocolate Day! OK, so maybe it's really called Halloween.

Last year I really thought that Sweet Hubby had broken my "almost vintage" pumpkin Jack O' Lantern that I loved so much, and of course I was sad about it. It's been with us since the early 80's. Only "vintage" by some loose definitions of today. Somehow even the 80's seems like vintage these days. It is fashioned more like those which are older though. The jack o' lantern was handmade by a potter. I don't remember his name, nor any of the other things he made. But I love how it is obviously handcrafted and not mass produced from a mold. Of course I have some of those, too.

I decided to look again for the missing pumpkin. When I asked Sweet Hubby before if he had seen it or remembered breaking anything that looked like it, he said maybe he had.... seen something broken that could have been a pumpkin. Sweet man, confessing just in case. But this time I found it. Right where I thought it was supposed to be. Of course I'm sure it was in a parallel universe. Somewhere, somebody was admiring my wonderful jack o' lantern last year. If "they" do measure time in years, or at all. I'm happy that my jack o lantern pumpkin returned to me.

He's showing his age these days. He's a little cracked and showing some signs of getting older. But that's fine. He's just perfect the way he is.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~ Halloween Decorating, White Pumpkin - Black Pumpkin? Yes, Please

Have you had fun visiting all the Halloween Blog Party sites? I'm about half way through, I think. If you run into a few that don't have many Halloween pictures or a post, just keep going. I started at the end and now working my way up the list. Usually people start at the top and don't make it to the bottom. So be sure to visit the ones on the end, too!

The little pumpkins were either green or orange ones that I bought years ago. I liked the shape and I'm really looking for ways to reuse anything so I don't add to the garbage in the world.

These are the foam ones that are so cheap.
The secret is Fusion Spray Paint. Fusion is made for painting plastic, but I have found that it is one of the best all around paints. I've painted wrought iron outside and it holds up very well. It is also excellent on wood.
(They are not shiny, it's just the light from the window.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~ Halloween Decorating Countdown, White Pumpkins & More

2008 - The last couple of years I've started adding some white pumpkins to the mix of Halloween decorations.Years ago, there were only orange faux pumpkins and no white ones at all. Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart both seemed to start featuring them about the same time. This year, I was so sure I would swing all the way over to doing all of my Halloween decorating in just black and white. But it was not quite Halloween-ish enough after all. We just needed a  touch of orange. This is the only time of year that happens. Pumpkin colors, terracotta shades, yes, but not orange. Suddenly about the time the maple trees start showing off their fall colors, that little tiny once-a-year-orange desire hits. It makes Halloween more fun as well to embrace a color that I don't usually use.

I changed the bottom book underneath the small pumpkin that was posted before. First of all the book was dark and didn't show up as well on the black marble, and the one that is there now has so much more character and is very torn up! Perfect.

The larger white pumpkin wears a monogram transfer, which has the tiniest touch of orange around the medallion. You might need glasses on to see that though.
The pumpkins are not actually "white" but more of a cream color. This color does actually occur in nature so they don't look quite so fake.

The spiders continue to have quite a party on the entry table, and one of them seems to think she can snatch that silver crown from the pumpkin. But on the other side of the table, a nice size raven is watching him. Stay tuned for more.

See ya' soon!

Monday, October 13, 2008

~ Decorating for Halloween Continues & Meet Emily Grace

I simply love celebrating each season of the year, and Fall and Halloween are two of my favorite things. Just a little something here and there to remind us of the new time of year filled with new hopes and dreams, and cooler weather.

In years past, few people decorated outside, or inside their homes for Halloween. As a kid, none of us would have noticed. We were way too busy thinking about trick or treating. It was about how much candy we could find in such a short time, just one little evening before returning home and to bed. Kids went out all alone, no need for parents to tag along. There would be so many kids running around and going house to house. I can't really remember any houses that didn't give out candy. I really think that Martha Stewart fanned the flame of desire for Halloween decorating. And that's a good thing, most of the time.

The juxtaposition of an ornate mirror with a shredded cheesecloth draped on it is exactly what I look for in decorating anytime of the year. Mix it up, make it unexpected, and don't follow a cookie cutter formula. Toss in some spiders, with a touch of glitter, and it's just the right recipe for fun, whimsy, a touch of elegant, at least for Halloween anyway.

And speaking of fun and whimsical, meet Emily Grace. Each one of these art prints becomes my new favorite. After hours of dressing them up, and adding friends for them to play with, they have their own personality to me. Emily and her friends are in the shop now and available for quick delivery before Halloween.

See ya' soon! I'm happy to stopped by.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

~ Halloween Decorating, Whimsical, Elegant or Scary

No matter what style you like to decorate with, Halloween is just plain fun. What other holiday gives everyone the OK to be mischievously like a kid again? When doing your own decorating for this fun holiday, you can go in any direction you wish. It can be a bit scary and ghoulish, which I've seen Martha Stewart do very well, or it can be a bit elegant and whimsical.

The best place to start is by looking around your own haunted mansion, or your sweet little cottage, and find things you already have to embellish and build upon. What do you do you see that you can transform into something else, or add a few touches to make it a part of the season? Old jars, books, fabric, paper, photos, etc., and I bet you can think of a bunch more! Think of new ways to display your old decorations with some new (old) things you have somewhere else in the house.

Since I've been using black and white and damask for a long time, it was the perfect way to start my Halloween decor. And I still have no sofa in the living room and that room remains in the "meantime" stage, I almost skipped doing anything on the entry table. But I missed not having the fun of doing something to usher in the holiday. So the entry table and mantel will have be about all that is decorated this year. And a little bit outside, of course. I need to see a smiling Jack O Lantern on the porch, too.

Doesn't every pumpkin deserve a hat if it wants one? This little cone hat was fairly simple to make. It's just an embellished cone using damask paper, with a flat round bottom. To bring a touch of elegance and to the candle I, wrapped it in some damask paper, too. (Although I lit the candle for the picture, I would not leave it lit with paper on it.)

I'll continue to post a few little peeks until the Halloween Blog Parties begin.

I love making Treasuries on Etsy. The one above came from a bit of insomnia last night. It happened to open at midnight. So the name is "Midnight Hour." Lots of great goodies, mostly from the Design Style Team (InteriorDesignTeam)

This treasury has ended, but you can find some beautiful things on Etsy by searching "interiordesignteam" or "cssteam"

See ya' soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

~ Halloween GiveAway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who came by
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The Winner is TEAH! Congrats!!
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There are a couple of new prints in the shop. One is the art print above.
Halloween goodies for just a little bit longer.
Halloween is getting so close and I haven't even bought snickers yet! Oh my.

See ya' soon!