Wednesday, October 8, 2008

~ Halloween GiveAway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who came by
and left a little note.
The Winner is TEAH! Congrats!!
Send me an email with your address and I'll have the Vintage Witch Print in the mail.

There are a couple of new prints in the shop. One is the art print above.
Halloween goodies for just a little bit longer.
Halloween is getting so close and I haven't even bought snickers yet! Oh my.

See ya' soon!


  1. Oh, that is beautiful. Wishing I hadn't bought the candy yet...there are no snacksize Mr. Goodbars left in the variety pack, lol.

  2. Hey there; Now if I bought my candy now it would not be here when the kiddies came. lol I love Halloween candy,some how it is the best. Congrats, to the winner of your give a way.
    Love your cute spiders, I can't believe I said that. smiling,,,,



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