Saturday, December 20, 2008

~ Christmas Decorating 2008 . White . Silver . Yellow

Home & Heart,
Come and Sit for a Moment ... or Two

A few years ago, I found this wonderful set of Radko ornaments, a little yellow striped sofa and chair. The dining room chairs had yellow/white stripe fabric at the time. I'm not sure if the ornaments have ever been on the tree, but they are usually part of a little vignette like this one on a "snow" covered silver tray.

They always remind me of Home during the Holidays.


  1. Love those cute ornaments! Yellow is one of my favorite colors. And I love your tree and all of your other holiday decor, too!
    ~Angela :-)

  2. Those are adorable!
    You find the prettiest ornies.

  3. Those ornaments are so sweet. I love the setting you created with the little trees and snow. Wonderful!

  4. Those ornaments are gorgeous and look so fabulous coated in snow on the tray!

    Victoria xx

  5. Happy New Year Donna!!! Oh the eye candy I find here. Everything you do seems to have that magic touch....but then it is called The DECORATED house!! :)

  6. I have enjoyed your entire blog, all the pictures are lovely. I am new in blogland, about four months. Please visit me,and I would appreciate being added to your blog list. Happy New Year
    Blessings, Brook


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