Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~ Angel Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah


There probably is one or two angel statues that I missed during our visit. But I certainly tried to find everyone of them. All of them are pretty well known and if I had time to research before we left, I would have had a list. The ones I found were fabulous though.

Which picture do you like better? I can't decide. I am printing some of these and I like them both. First one with a bit of colors in the background, or the 2nd with just a touch of blue?

Do you think I'm slow getting the photos up? It's not your imagination. I'm not only chasing Cody puppy around most of the time, but getting ready for a few days at the beach. That sounds quite relaxing to me.

See Y'all Soon!


  1. I like #1 What a beautiful monument!! Our cemetaries here don't even allow above ground monuments like this anymore. They have to be flat to accommodate mowing the grass. So sad, because monuments like this really are appealing to me. Thanks for sharing. LindaSonia

  2. I vote for the 1st one! It's so pretty! I was just in Savannah, myself last month. It's such a pretty place!

  3. I prefer the first photo.
    The second one looks faded to me.

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  5. Thank You! Sweet Hubby picked that one, too. Donna

  6. Take a look at her, though -- she's not really an angel -- no wings. It was very common on those Victorian graves, to have a statue of a mourner weeping at the grave. Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY (where I lived for many years) is full of these. They are very beautiful, I agree. And there are even some winged angels!

  7. Yes, Ann she isn't an angel, as we think of, with wings.
    Actually this a statue of the woman herself. And her family probably thought of her as an "angel."
    She died of a broken heart, so the story goes. He dad had the statue made in her memory.
    I was looking for angel statues in particular and she got into that group. :)



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