Thursday, June 4, 2009

~ Dream. Fly . Live Now, Art

Sweet Hubby wants to retire, a bit early. I want him to be able to get away from such a demanding job that keeps him working every minute of the day for at least 9.5 hours. But I've been scared about it, too. How will we make it with so little income?
Today, I don't care so much about how will we do it. We just will.

Today I found out that a wonderful man who's an artist on Etsy has passed away. Mr. Slavko leaves a large hole in the world, it looks a lot like a shining star. His kindness and spirit of generosity were well known to hundreds of members. I remember when he first sent a little note to me and how kind it was of him to say hi and that he enjoyed our (mine and Sweet Hubby) art. He was a true artist, creating beauty as a way of life. This event, like others of its kind, has smacked me in the face, and made me think about Life.

This piece of art is my contribution the weekly challenge from one of the teams I am on, the Melange (Mixed Media) Team. You can find more wonderful art pieces by clicking on the name.

I'm thinking about flying in life. It's really tough for a lot of people right now. You can feel it even if you have a job how difficult it is for thousands of families. I hope that it is getting a little better for most everyone. Not just a few.

See Y'all Soon, DREAM . FLY . LIVE


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that Mr. Slavko passed away. I didn't know him except through his art on Etsy. He was quite a talented artist. May he be in peace.

  2. You are so lucky your husband CAN retire, and yes it is good to try and enjoy life before it is too late. My husband works 12-13 each day and there is no end in sight, so I envy you the choice. By the way, your Fly piece is awesome, just wonderful.

  3. I read your blog when I have time and enjoy it, thanks! Three yrs. ago my hubby wanted to retire early from the FBI and buy a little store selling bee supplies!He was finally making more money then we ever had before(and your retirement was based on your 3 highest paid yrs.) I didn't even think and said what ever he wanted to do.We get by and the store has brought family togetherness but, in the back of my mind I can't help thinking...........So, I feel for you.My husband is happy though. Good luck!

  4. beautiful art, beautiful sentiment.....

  5. happiness is what makes us survive.
    and togetherness makes it extra sweet.
    Fly as high as you can together.

  6. i love your mixed media piece for fly!!! also everytime i go on your blog i think....just beautiful!!!

  7. I love your blog and your art work. Thank you for sharing your world with us through blog!!

  8. Donna, I love the textured white! and the simplicity....really my true taste although not showing it in my own style lately. If your hubby wants to retire, you'll work it out, you just will. I can't believe the difference in my outlook on life since I left stress and long hours, and I loved my don't realize how it effects you, you become one...the job and the person and it robs you of the person, the job wins everytime because income and identity is such a powerful hold on the psyche.

  9. Just love it ,very calming and peaceful , very nice !

  10. Dear Donna,
    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Mr. Slavko. I will visit the site and look at his work. It is more important to me about what kind of thoughtful person he was. How he took the time to touch your life with a note to you and your husband.

    My husband retired early too. We needed to be here with my mother.
    In life the right amount of money always seems to come. In my heart, I feel you will be fine and grateful too!
    See you at Vanessa's if not before!

    Ps I do like your art!

  11. Donna, another gorgeous piece. All of your work is simply divine, but these flipped canvases that you are doing are just above and beyond gorgeous.

  12. I am just blown away by this piece...and your whole blog in general...such a feeling of hopefulness...thank you...

  13. Lovely piece! I too am saddened to hear that Mr. Slavko has passed away. I've run into him a few times on the forums and he was always so encouraging.

  14. I'm glad you're encouraging your husband to retire. Life's too short. About 6 months before his wife retired, my brother (who retired early) died of cancer, so all their plans for a long and happy retirement did not bear fruit. Please seize the time, if it's at all possible!


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