Friday, July 29, 2011

~ Summer Mantel in White & Silver ~ The Decorated House

I think our homes change as we grow, explore, learn and become re-freshed day by day. It is not a bad sign to me if you like to change things. Maybe you are a little different today than you were a year ago, a week ago, or even yesterday. If it gets to be a daily thing, it might be too much for those who live with you though. We all have had spouses tripping over chairs in the middle of the night simply because they were in a different place today than they were yesterday.

For Spring I wanted some pretty color and old silver.

I adore the way old silver ages. The crooked pitcher has been out in the garage for a while. It was fabulous to rediscover it and find a place to admire its age. Age is a good thing.

Sometimes people appear to be so uncluttered, then you find out they have storage units or a large basement. They have stuff, they just hide it. I'm guilty as well of too much stuff, and it's good that I don't have a basement. My saving grace is that this is a small house, with hardly any closets. So it is very hard to hide things. We do have a couple of sheds outside, and a ton of shelves in the garage which of course are filled.

There have been times, more than one or two, when this mantel was stuffed with goodies. Usually during holidays. Otherwise, it is pretty sparse. Today I wanted to bring some flowers inside, the crepe myrtles have been in full bloom. Even the white is beautiful with only a complement of lime green of the Cuban Gold shrub, and light purple of the Angelonia flowers. I must remember to plant more cutting flowers.

One thing I seldom decorate with is shells. When you grow up near the beach you see shells used in decorating way too much. Maybe not so much as when I was a kid. It was sure overload then. Today, I again respect their beauty in design and color and even bring them out to play sometimes. Today was a good day to think of the beach, and admire a pretty shell.

See Y'all Soon~
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  1. Your mantel looks beautiful with the silver pieces on it! Stopping by from Tuesdays Treasures!

  2. I have the exact same silver pitcher. I included it in yesterday's blog. Your mantel is beautiful. Just enough 'stuff' on it! :)

    Come by and see me sometime.


  3. Just beautiful! I love Crepe Myrtle blooms!

  4. So gorgeous! I love the silver tea pot.

  5. Pretty mantel. I like the shell motif in the mirror and mantel, also the silver pitcher with flowers. Thanks for letting us know the names of the plants. I'm not familiar with the Cuban Gold shrub but I'm checking it out as it's beautiful.

  6. very pretty and gorgous fireplace~

  7. Your summer mantel looks lovely. Love the flowers in the silver tea pot.

  8. Hi Donna,
    I love that mantel is gorgeous! I have the exact same silver coffee pot and a fireplace, but it is nothing compared to yours.
    XXX Ido

  9. Beautiful mantel Donna! I love how you have it displayed. I remember how you and your husband did all the work on it.
    I use seashells all over my home. It's just a wonderful reminder of my childhood. Going down the shore with my family. Such carefree and wonderful times.


  10. This is a wonderful post and I love the silver. Your mantel looks perfect to me. I agree that change is good...if we didn't change and grow how boring it all would be! Stay cool and have a great weekend!

  11. Gorgeous mantle. I love your flowers in patina'd silver. Just plain elegant.


  12. Your mantel is so pretty- I am constantly changing which I hope is a good thing- I call it growing- hopefully now in body size though!

    My home is doing the same thing- just growing - maturing-

  13. I love your style. So pretty, so vintage, so feminine.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Debbie Kay

  14. Dear Donna,
    Always a joy to see what you are remastering in your abode! The silver looks perfect! And those are your flowers that you grew, right? So nice!!
    Hope you will get this message. Don't know why but I had trouble leaving one from my mom's computer on your last post about your daughters fabulous rocker. Will check now and am coping and pasting this note just in case!

    Your right about the new computer! I'm about to be on a major learning curve!! Happy but holding breath~~



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