Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~ Vintage Blue Bottles - White Mantel

These blue bottles were mostly found during a few different antique hunting adventures. I think I originally got them with the intention of creating some altered art bottles, and then to adding them the shop. None have left the house so far.

Most of them have some kind of embossed writing on them so you can tell what they were used for when they were new. And it can be any number of things.

Each time I have gone to make something out of them, I just wasn't in the mood to cover up one bit of the beautiful blue color. So all of them are as I found them, just a little cleaner.

I just wanted to bring a few springs of summer in the house, and was longing for the color that just happens to be in the blue bottles. So they were adorned in a very simple way.

Projects are moving right along. Someday I'll have the discipline to finish one thing before starting 10 other things. Really? I'm not betting on that though.

See Y'All Soon~

Friday, August 5, 2011

~ Ranch Style House Remodel, Before & After

This house was very lucky to have a new owner who could see
all the really good things that were possible for it.
And obviously, so very talented people who did the work!

Could anyone "save" this house?
It sure needed some love, vision and a whole lot of work.

There are several contractors in our area who specialize in renovations and remodeling. One of these sometimes tackles ranch style homes. They are often found in older established neighborhoods with magnificent trees and no stairs to climb. but short on curb appeal after a half century of living. 

At the time, this particular contractor used to do smaller jobs on homes that were probably about 1600 to 2000 sq. feet. It's a real challenge and one that was handled smashingly well here!

This is the after shot. I think there was quite a bit of space added to the backside as well as this fabulous revamp to the front. There are so many great features to love about living in a ranch style house. And I often hear people wondering if they can improve the facade. This one certainly says yes!

~ See Y'All Soon ~

~ French Chair, Chalk Paint Distressed and...

and then painted again.

In the quest of simplification, I've added a new option to the old, whatever you touch you must put it where it belongs, or give it away. The new option is if you are going to keep it, then do whatever refinishing it needs for you to keep it. Now! I have a large stash of things that I'm so sure I will redo. Now when I find something or move it around, if it is waiting for some work, I am trying to get it done. Wish me luck. :)

I still love these simple French style chairs. They have been here for many years, and have been utilized in different rooms. One is actually at Sweet Daughter's house right now. No memory of doing so, but I must have taken it over there.

I was intending to give you a nice little tutorial for achieving the look. Although I did it the mostly the same way I have for years, there are a few things including the choice of paints that were influenced by others. You can see a really good tutorial at Miss Mustard Seed's blog in her sidebar to give you a similar, or better finish. Look in her sidebar for the blue chair tutorial.

My chair went through this:
  1. Painted very blue, Provence chalk paint with Turquoise added.
  2. Painted dry brush to medium dry brush with ASCP Paris Grey mixed Provence.
  3. Rubbed with a damp cloth.
  4. Dry brushed with Old White chalk paint and some light waxing.
  5. Sanded to distress
(The pictures show it without a final waxing, with the dark or clear that you would probably choose for longer wear.)

When that was all done....
it was too much shabby for me.
Now it is painted with Old White.
Yes, after all that work, I painted over it.

It's only paint!

See Y'all Soon~

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