Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~ Fall Mantel Decorating at The Decorated House

Even way down south, we will soon be thinking about cooler weather and enjoying time inside. Not quite yet, it's still very warm. So decorating for Fall helps get you in the mood for when the sweaters are needed.

The Mercury glass pumpkins reflect light and add a delightful sparkle to the Fall mantel. I also added some vintage silver pieces and one real mini white pumpkin along with two lightly colored gourds. The shapes of the gourds mimic the tall Mercury glass one that is part of the pumpkin trio.

One vintage sliver tray, one real mini white pumpkin/gourd, an almost rusty Fleur De Lis, and a wonderful rustic fall colored gourd. Shapes, colors and textures all playing so nicely together.

The Mercury glass also is the perfect complement to the silver and glass vase, now topped with another Fall colored gourd.

I am eager to get around and see all the Fall decorating in BlogLand.

See Y'All Soon
~ Donna


  1. Donna, this mantel is just exquisite!! Love your use of the mercury glass and the vintage silver...such a fresh take on fall! Beautiful!!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love the mercury glass gourds (wherever did you find them, or did you faux paint them?)and all of the delicious textures.

  3. Your mantel display is truly gorgeous! Love the soft touch of color.

  4. So so beautiful...Such inspiration.
    I am loving the white and silver.
    Thank you for sharing. Bobbie

  5. Soft, feminine and just gorgeous!!


  6. Donna - I'm your newest follower. Your blog is beautiful. Can't wait for a few minutes of quiet time when I can come back and peruse through all of your gorgeous posts!

  7. LOVE this! Of course, I adore mercury glass and silver. You've done a beautiful job with the mantle.



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