Monday, May 14, 2012

~ Living Rooms ~ Which Would You Choose?

Aren't these two living rooms both beautiful and interesting?  When they first started appearing around the web, it made me take a closer look since they had different elements that I too really liked. The spaces may be very different in size in real life, but I'm only looking at what we see in the photos. 

The first picture is House Beautiful magazine chatting with designer, and Euro Trash owner Annie Brahler, who shares how she used gold accents, restored antiques, and large mirrors when decorating her Jacksonville, IL home.


 The second photo is from Sally Wheat Designs. We can look into the rooms from a similar entry point, and see what might have been the same space decorated by two different designers. Both spaces have light neutral walls, and wood floors with a natural rug, a very simple color palette, and gold accents. A simple and well used plan for good reason. The first house is a Victorian as opposed to the second one which is not as old. But you could easily visualize swapping the furniture and think that is the way each designer might have decorated the other space,  at least from the way we are seeing the rooms from the photos. The Victorian room might be much larger since the fireplace is probably centered between two windows.

 I've seen people on-line swoon over both of these pictures. How nice that we are all so different. Which one is more to your liking? Does one just suit your style perfectly, or you like something(s), or don't like something(s), from each one? 

See Y'all Soon~


  1. I think I like the first one the best. At least most of the elements there. I do think the settee looks a tad "stiff" it wouldn't be comfortable to sit on for very long. I love the chairs and the footstools though.

    How about you- Which one do YOU like best? xo Diana

  2. I like the couchand tall floor lamp from the SW design. I like the fireplace, the stack of books and the 2 chairs from the HB layout. And that's it.

    I am not a fan of gold. Everything is to "matchy symmetrical" for me. I abhor the antlers or bones or WHATEVER that is on the mantel.

  3. They are both too formal for me. However, there are elements in both rooms that I like.


  4. If budget were no problem, the first living room design makes me swoon! The antiques, the tall ceilings, the whimsy of antlers on the mantle. If budget were a consideration (and it always is...) then livingroom #2 would do nicely!

  5. Overall, I think #2 is my least as far as the sofa, drapes and mirror. I don't care for the coffee table or the chairs and certainly not the "fluffy" things. :-) The first one is too stiff and ornate for me.

    Which one did you like?

  6. I Like BOTH!! But choose and getting ready to pin ONE!!
    Thanks Donna for all your inspiration!


  7. Just realized I already did pin it!!

  8. Both are gorgeous rooms! Hard to choose. Sally's room might be a bit comfier with the couch, though.

  9. I would love to combine elements of both to make it my own. Gray Sofa with those wonderful "french" white chairs and the stack of books to start. They are both beautiful!

  10. There are elements in all of these rooms that I absolutely adore!! Lovely blog!! :)

  11. Much like you, I would choose a few elements from each room. The architecture of the Brahler room is so beautiful. Even though I like the lines of the sofa in her room, it doesn't look comfortable, but good for a photo anyway. The mantel dressing would be different, sans dead animal parts, but I adore the shape of the fireplace. And I have similar French chairs which I never tire of.

    I admire the talent of Ms. Wheat, but this room is not my style but seems to be very much so that of others. Which is what I love about decorating, a room can still be a good design whether it is your particular style or taste.

    I loved hearing your comments on the pictures!

  12. I love the couch and fluffy stools from "Sally Wheat", though I would change the mirror frame, and the coffee table and bring over the beautiful vase of flowers from "Anne Brahier"!!!


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