Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rescued and Found Puppy Day... Almost Here!

The Decorated House - Cody Bear

Not that I would ever spoil a puppy dog, but Cody Bear has a few days when we celebrate just him. Oct 13th is his birthday, and he thinks that's a big deal. If you start singing Happy Birthday, to anyone, on any day, he starts looking for his presents. 

On December 26th, the day after Christmas he found my sweet daughter and me when we drove by a dog rescue event at Petco.  My daughter had decided that since she had bought her own home, it was time for a dog. And Cody Bear was just waiting for her.  So December 26th is Found Puppy Day. Cody likes this day as well, and you know, he kind of gets a few presents that day too.  

But he was actually home yet.  We had to wait until December 31st for him to arrive. And of course that day is very special and is Puppy Come Home Day! Crazy dog people, we have definitely joined the tribe wholeheartedly. And our whole hearts is what he owns.  
The Decorated House - Bottlebrush Dog - Bleached White

Even Christmas decorating sometimes is influence by our love of dogs. There a few of the bottle brush dogs included, and one always has a curled tail in honor of Cody Bear. 

There are great national charities that help dogs and cats, but remember to check your local charities as well. One that I discovered this year which is not local to me, but very special is Muttville. Senior dogs are the first to be eliminated. Not many people go looking for a senior dog. Muttville has excellent charity ratings and right now, there is matching funds for donations. 

Also the Petco Foundation is one the best for helping dogs and cats. Again excellent charity reviews. 

Everyday I am so thankful that Cody found us and agreed to be a rescue dog. To all of you who have rescue dogs, thank you so very much!

(The bottle brush dogs were purchase a  while back from Pottery Barn. They still sell the same pup only the new one is carrying a Christmas tree on his back. It is only available in the store. )

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