Tuesday, June 26, 2007

~ Corners, Faux Leaded Glass & New Art

Here is a quick picture of the faux leaded glass on the storage piece we made for the morning room. This area was the breezeway in the homes built at the time and it is a 10 x 17 ft space right on the other side of the bar. It so nice to have an area to sit and have people there without them being directly in the kitchen.

This shows a closeup of the faux lead glass I did on the doors, along with the new minature art I put in Etsy.
**SOLD*** Thank You Pat!**
The glass was glued in so it was not a good option to take the glass out to have someone work on. And besides this was much cheaper. You can buy the faux lead strips at the craft stores and liquid lead in bottles in the same area.

I looked at a window which I had that was leaded glass and made a pattern similar to it so it would feel as though it was from the same time period. When you use the strips, and cut them, they have a straight cut look to them. So you can use the liquid "lead" to make "blobs" where the strips meet just the same as real leaded glass work.

We used some inexpensive premade narrow cabinets for this project. Although I prefer real wood, I just didn't want to deal with making drawers. The pieces we added to it and the trim are all wood, so once they were painted and the whole thing had a light glaze, it looked like wood.

See you all later, I have some blog surfing to do later on to catch up!


  1. Donna, that faux leaded glass effect is a wonderful idea! I want to put glass in my upper cabinet doors in my kitchen, and I would love divided light but we want to do it ourselves. That is a great alternative, and you did a fabulous job on it.

    I love the new collage! So very sweet, and lovely colors!

    The "cabinet lady" couldn't tell me anything about it, and her home was furnished in mostly new items so I don't think she is much into antiques (I couldn't believe this was in her closet). She does have a business selling clothing and accessories, and we recently saw that she had a booth at our favorite antique mall, so we are guessing that she may have used it as a display piece in a shop at one time. We were surprised that she didn't try to sell it at the mall...she would have made a lot more on it. I'm sorry you've never found your dream bamboo cabinet (you and I like so many of the same things!). I wish you one even prettier, and for a fantastic price!

    Love, Andrea

  2. How very clever of you.
    Love the art too!

  3. Donna, What a great idea! I'm loving all the tutorials in bloggland these days. Really wishing I had more patience with crafting. Your little corner is just adorable and your hand tag is just precious.
    Life At Home

  4. Oh, a project I haven't seen yet from you, Donna. That looks great! I have played around with that faux lead & yours really does look like the real thing.


  5. What a clever gal you are - it looks fantastic and at first glance thought the pieces had actually been soldered. OH that beautiful home of yours! I wish you could do one of those slide shows where you can make it do 360 degree turns to see an entire room. lol! (like on hotel sites)

  6. Donna,

    Thanks for answering my question.

    I am so impressed with everything you have done with your home. You are so talented!

    ~elaine~ from SoCal

  7. Your collages are so pretty. Congrats on your etsy shop.

    Love that leaded glass too...I didn't know you could do that!

  8. Love your artwork...so original and beautiful. Congratulations on your Etsy shop! I love you blog, and will come back to visit often!


  9. just happened upon your blog...enjoyed a breif visit...will be back...moving to florida tomorrow...where in florida are you...i am amelia island as of saturday...blessings, rebecca

  10. I am so glad this precious fairy is going to Pat! It will have a wonderful home....still, I know she will never forget YOUR home!
    I LOVE the faux lead treatment...what an amazing thing!
    WE want to put in glass doors in the kitchen and that would be so great to do. I just wonder if I am brace enough to try!

    You never fail to inspire me!


  11. what a great idea....would it be possible to see a picture of the entire cabinet? pretty please?


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