Monday, October 13, 2008

~ Decorating for Halloween Continues & Meet Emily Grace

I simply love celebrating each season of the year, and Fall and Halloween are two of my favorite things. Just a little something here and there to remind us of the new time of year filled with new hopes and dreams, and cooler weather.

In years past, few people decorated outside, or inside their homes for Halloween. As a kid, none of us would have noticed. We were way too busy thinking about trick or treating. It was about how much candy we could find in such a short time, just one little evening before returning home and to bed. Kids went out all alone, no need for parents to tag along. There would be so many kids running around and going house to house. I can't really remember any houses that didn't give out candy. I really think that Martha Stewart fanned the flame of desire for Halloween decorating. And that's a good thing, most of the time.

The juxtaposition of an ornate mirror with a shredded cheesecloth draped on it is exactly what I look for in decorating anytime of the year. Mix it up, make it unexpected, and don't follow a cookie cutter formula. Toss in some spiders, with a touch of glitter, and it's just the right recipe for fun, whimsy, a touch of elegant, at least for Halloween anyway.

And speaking of fun and whimsical, meet Emily Grace. Each one of these art prints becomes my new favorite. After hours of dressing them up, and adding friends for them to play with, they have their own personality to me. Emily and her friends are in the shop now and available for quick delivery before Halloween.

See ya' soon! I'm happy to stopped by.


  1. Donna, would come decorate my house for Halloween? I've been so busy, it just looks like it's not gonna happen this year. Oh, well. I can have fun looking at all your cool vignettes.

    I love Emily Grace. I think I've mentioned before that out of all the prints you do, I love the Halloween ones the most.

  2. Thanks so much for the cheesecloth idea!

    Emily Grace is a very cute "witch".

    Jim and I have been helping Lori and Greg, of All About Home decorate for Christmas, this week. Can you believe that? She said she was a tad overwhelmed last year. But the transition is going smoother this year. Of course we had a fun. She tried to hold off on the change over as long as she could. She still has Fall/Hallowe'en in the front area of the store, though.

  3. I have so enjoyed "catching up" with your posts....always a treat to read. Love the cheesecloth idea...and Emily is a darling. (hope she doesn't mind being called that!)
    xo Lidy

  4. Donna I love the mirror draped for Halloween fun! Is that my black cat Paisley you used in the Emily Grace card!Perhaps it's my Babie! purzzzzz

  5. Donna you do know I'm kidding..the cat is so like my girls! wink

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