Friday, July 20, 2012

~ Summer Mantel with Shells & Garden Ornaments

The cement garden ornaments were actually outside at one time.  They have been inside for quite a while, either in the house or on the porch. They have been inside for so long, that
I really don't remember where they were outside anymore.

Somethings that you would usually expect to find outside, and especially for the garden, are very versatile for decorating in the house to bring that wonderful feeling of summer inside.  I picked some beautiful lime green zinnias too, and they are over on a table nearby.

I wanted the mantel to be very simple just letting white be there to keep the feeling of a "cooler" version of summer. Just because it is so darn hot almost everywhere. It is still very summery and a bit beachy just to remind me of the beauty of gardens, summer and the beach.

It was tough not to just do the same exact mantel that I did last summer which you can see here.
I really loved the old silver on the mantel. But I do like using a few more shells this year.

See Y'all Soon~
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  1. Oh so pretty. I love the mirror and the pretty finials are perfect. Shells always add so much. Hugs, Marty

  2. Very light and fresh, Donna! I love the statues. Some garden pieces are just too pretty to put outside! Look at urns ~ something that originally was outside in gardens or flanking doors and now there are all sizes inside the home.

  3. Donna- That is absolutely gorgeous-just lovely and light looking for this hot season. It is perfect-- xo Diana

  4. I love the mantel, the finials are gorgeous. The mirror is just gorgeous. They remind of the one I wrote a post about the other day that I found at a salvage yard in Newport, RI.


  5. Your clean whites really show their beautiful textures here!

  6. Your fireplace mantel is truly gorgeous! Just my style, really love those wonderful concrete garden pieces, they're perfect for you summer decor! thanks so much for coming to link at Vintage Inspiration!

  7. Donna,
    Your mantle is gorgeous! Love the white! Those finials are so versitle...indoors or out! We planted green "Envy" zinnas On Crooked Creek, but the promise... with our triple digit temperatures... isn't looking good. Thank you for such a cool and inspiring post!

  8. soooo beautiful!! i love the combo of garden ornies with shells and such a simple palette on an ornate mantle....really pretty!

  9. Thank you for coming by and sharing your notes. I too love those clean whites with the carved mantel!


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