Thursday, September 22, 2016

~ Magnolia Leaf Candle - Fall Decorating ~ 1 Little Project at a Time

The Decorated House : Fall Decorating - Magnolia Leaf and Burlap Wrapped Candle with Fabric Rose
 Magnolia Leaf  and Burlap Ribbon Wrapped Fall Candle
with Flower Rosette and Rhinestone Button

Even with the temperatures still in the 90's around here, the pull of Fall decorating is gently tugging at me.  At the moment we are in the middle of a dozen projects. So instead of wishing I could get a lot more done right this very minute, it's time to just do one little project at a time. Too much work and no decorating makes some girls grumpier than they need to be. So let's play and make something very pretty and very, very simple. 

This is very similar to the candle HERE that I made before for Christmas time. For this one, we will use the beautiful copper side of the leaves turned out. The pretty shiny green side peeks out at you as you look at the candle from different directions.

All you need to do is put a rubber band around the candle and tuck the leaves inside it spaced the way you like. Then tie a ribbon or two to cover the rubber band. Add a pretty embellishment lie the flower and you are all done!

It is that rich and beautiful copper color that is really singing my tune right now. This color is so very pretty and just speaks fluent Fall. Now to figure more ways to work it into the Fall decor.

The ribbon here is a wired burlap one with white dots. You can so easily use this for Fall and/or Halloween decorating. This particular ribbon was found at a large craft store.
(** Please remember burlap usually has  formaldehyde on it. So keep it out of the reach of children and pets!! I wear plastic gloves in case I go near food, or my skin or eyes,  after making something with it.)

DIY How to make Magnolia Leaf Burlap Wrapped Candle 

The front is embellished with one of the lovely fabric flower rosettes that I posted about HERE with instructions and pictures to make your own. There are so many pretty projects that you can use these for. It is finished with a wonderful vintage rhinestone button, but you could use something new that looks old as well.

You could make a couple of these in a short time. I made some flower rosettes out of the same  white dotted burlap ribbon and they turned out really fun, so I'll be using them along with this candle. If I get just one little project done at a time, maybe I'll have some fall decorating soon!

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Ohhhh Beautiful!!!
    We like this project!!

  2. Very cute! I love the way you used the underside of the magnolia leaves. I also love the delicate white piece under the rosette! So clever!

  3. How pretty, Donna! I love the magnolia leaves with the burlap rosette. Such a pretty contrast.

  4. So glad I found you while visiting Nana Diana. I am your most recent follower and hope you'll follow me. Looks like you already have a host of followers. Wow!

    I soooo much love the rosettes. I wish I had a tiny bit of your talent. I look forward to check you out daily.

    Much fun!

  5. I love it, Donna...and an easy enough project for anyone to do. SO wish we had magnolia leaves here- xo Diana

  6. Love all the Fall... secretly waiting for you Halloween ;)
    You are one of my all time favorite Halloween decorators!!
    Happy Fall!!

    1. Hey Shannon, I am secretly waiting to start Halloween, too! :) I hope I can come up with something fun and pretty this year. So sweet of you to stop by.


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